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Guns and Ghosts

Release: Guns.and.Ghosts-SKIDROW

Guns and Ghosts

We are just two friendly apes who learned how to make games in our free time and now love to bring our often crazy ideas to live in all kinds of games. Please expect our games to be smaller, raw experiences. We always love to chat with you guys and greatly appreciate all of your feedback in order to become better game creators. Just tell us your questions or ideas on the forums, Twitter or Facebook. If you encounter bugs or any problems, we will do all we can to ensure the best support that a drunken ape could possibly give.Beeeep Beeeep. Mr. Gun! We need you! A small town is hunted by ghosts and stuff… and as usual, the villagers are too wimpy to simply shoot the god damn ghosts in the faces. Well… I guess you know what to do, Mr. Gun.- 4 Levels full of creepy monsters to battle your way through - an epic boss battle awaits you - unlock arena levels for the ultimate score challenge - experience a cool combination of horror and shooter - collect ancient treasures- enjoy the dark humor and one-liners from Mr. Gun that can get pretty cringy

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